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El café

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Comments from our coffee experts

SJ This café has one of the three best roasters of the indie specialty coffee industry along with Coffee Libre and Café Namusairo. They use both light roast beans with great aromas and medium roast beans with a rather sweet taste.
David G. We El Café first opened when specialty coffee was not a big thing in Korea. They have a big presence in this industry as they trade with coffee farms directly.

They moved to Seonyudo last November and their coffee got even better after they equipped themselves with a new Probat roasting machine. They work with the coffee farms and supervise the quality of the coffee beans all the way from the production stage.


양평로 21나길 7
Brewed coffee 5,000 won, Americano 3,800 won, cafe latte 4,300 won, 500 won extra for iced beverages
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