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Gamnamu-jip (Persimmon Tree House)

  • Restaurants
  • Yeonnam-dong
  • 2 out of 5 stars
Gamnamu-jip (Persimmon Tree House)

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars

Taken literally, a "gisa shikdang" is a sort of diner for taxi drivers. These establishments generally sell dishes specialized around one main theme, such as baekban (a home-style meal with small side dishes and rice), gukbap (soup with rice), deopbap (bowl of rice with toppings), and donkatsu (pork cutlet). As gisa shikdangs' predominant customers are taxi drivers, food is served quickly, priced moderately, and tastes delicious. Around Seoul, there are many famous gisa shikdang that have been open for a long time. Gamnamujip is a baekban house that open 24 hours day.

If you're looking for a homey, inexpensive meal in Yeonnam-dong, this is your place. Persimmon Tree House has been well-known for some time, but after a recent TV feature, even more customers have flocked to this establishment. We suggest visiting an hour before or after the usual lunch or dinner hour, so you can enjoy your meal without standing in line.

A signature menu item is the pork bulbaek (sliced and seasoned pork with steamed rice). Other popular dishes include godeungeo jorim (braised mackerel), hwangtae gui (grilled dried pollack), and yangnyeom gejang (spicy marinated crab). A generous amount of side dishes are provided and a serving of geonbbang, mildly sweet hardtack bisuits, is offered as a complimentary dessert. The owner came up with the idea of serving these biscuits while thinking of taxi drivers who missed their mealtime and needed a quick boost of energy. Whether you missed your meal or not, they're a sweet touch and a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many older Koreans.


25, Yeonnam-ro
Hongik University Station (Line 2), exit 3
7,000 won
Opening hours:
Daily 24 hours
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