Restaurants, Street food Nonhyeon-dong
3 out of 5 stars

The first thing you might notice upon walking into Gongusan is an astonishingly high number of beautiful women (Nonhyeon-dong is famous for this, for various reasons). And the second? The addictive smell of tempura, the crispy snack that first made Gongsugan popular. Rather than the usual thick, soggy fried batter found in most snack shops, Gongsugan has perfected a recipe learned from five star hotel chefs that is crispy, light and fluffy. With its growing fame, people began to queue up and phones began to ring off the hook with delivery requests. Their tteokbokki (short rice cakes cooked in red hot spicy sauce), the ultimate companion to a well fried tempura, as well as their giant gimbab (seaweed rolls of rice and fillings) are mouth-wateringly delicious. Thanks to the wild popularity of their first branch, Gongsugan now has branches opening up throughout the country.


Venue name: Gongsugan
Address: 62, Gangnam-daero 118-gil
Opening hours: Daily 2pm–6pm
Transport: Sinnonhyeon Station (Line 9), exit 3
Price: 4,000 won
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