Himeji Curry

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Himeji Curry

Himeji Curry is a Japanese style curry restaurant located at the start of the alley leading to Dongjin Market. The exterior resembles one of those small, old restaurants located in a remote alley in Japan. Inside the curry house, the owners fashioned a tatami seating area by elevating the steps. The tableware, the atmosphere, each and every knicknack around the shop gives you the illusion that you just might actually be in Japan.

The menu is simple and neatly presented with a total of five dishes, including curry rice, curry udon, fried bean curd udon, soy-sauce noodles, and soft soybean curd. Their best dishes are, naturally, their curry dishes. Smooth and flavorful, the rich curry sauce is absolutely delectable. The portions are big, and the prices are surprisingly inexpensive. Also, you can enjoy as much carefully brewed barley tea as you want. Throughout the restaurant, from the menu to the decor, Himeji Curry displays the owner's thoughtful touches, resulting in a delightfully warm and cozy restaurant.


Venue name: Himeji Curry
Address: 198, Seongmisan-ro
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 12–9pm; Sat–Sun 1–9pm. Closed Wed.
Transport: Hongik University Station (Line 2), exit 3
Price: 6,000 won
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