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Itaewon The Burger

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  • Yongsan-gu

Time Out says

A relatively new comer to the growing burger scene in Seoul, Itaewon the Burger has been on full throttle since its start, receiving high praise from many. There isn’t anything fancy about the restaurant, and you might even have some difficulty if you're looking to take an Instagram-worthy shot here. Nonetheless, Itaewon the Burger makes nice and fatty burgers, which for some of us is all we need. Using Australian beef (7:3 ratio of chuck and brisket, respectively), they make their own patties twice a day, then charcoal-grill them. The restaurant began with 6 types of burgers on their menu, and recently has added 4 creative new flavors for the more adventurous ones.

The Grilled Shrimp Burger, which was recommended by the staff, had a good amount of spice which balanced out its grease (in all fairness, the burger wasn’t overly greasy and was perfectly juicy). The shrimp had great flavors that pop in your mouth, although it was a little covered up by the rest of the amazing flavors going on. The Cherry Cream Cheese Burger, as you can suspect, had interesting flavors. The burger had a thick layer of cream cheese that added a rich texture, while the cherry, thankfully, wasn’t too sweet. Both burgers at Itaewon the Burger were flavorful enough that they didn't require ketchup or mustard in them. If you know that one burger isn’t going to be enough to fill your stomach, try pairing it with a side of freshly fried Chili Cajun Fries.

Written by
Chuljunsung Chuljunsung


22, Noksapyeong-daero 32-gil
Itaewon Station (line 6) exit 4. 10 mins walk.
Grilled shrimp burger 12,900 won, Cherry cream cheese burger 11,900 won, Cajun chili fried 6,900 won
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