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The Gorgeous Kitchen

Italian dining with Heineken

Here are four Italian restaurants where they proudly serve Heineken on tap. Delicious food is a sure thing, and the great view is a plus

Time Out in association with Heinenken

Novelist Haruki Murakami is a beer cultist. He is also a great runner, who wants his epitaph to be engraved as, “a writer (and runner), who never walked.” On a full course marathon track, Murakami runs the last 5km mumbling, “beer, beer...” Likewise, many people around the world, though perhaps not as much as Murakami, drink beer like water. Once you open your eyes to the world of gourmet beers, you will realize how nicely it pairs with just about any kind of dish. What about restaurants where you can enjoy Italian cuisine along with star-served Heineken? Wine is not always the answer when it comes to pairing with Italian food. Beer can be a great casual drink with a course meal. Wherever there is a nice Italian dish along with a glass of draft Heineken, that’s where heaven is.A recipe from The Gorgeous Kitchen

Pairing Italian food and beer

The Gorgeous Kitchen
  • Bars
  • Gangnam-gu
The noodles of the “Gorgeous Pasta” are hidden under red flakes so that you can’t tell if it is pasta at first glance unless you are told. Specially made by chef Chung Myeong-won, the Gorgeous Pasta is the signature menu item of this place. Topping the olive pasta are crisps of fried garlic and spicy shrimp, with a bit of breadcrumbs and Cheongyang red pepper. A mouthful of the pasta makes you really feel the deliciously spicy taste harmonized with the crispy and soft textures of the toppings. With a glass of Heineken, you can taste the freshness at its maximum.  The restaurant’s romaine salad is even more flavorful with the homemade style breadcrumbs. The Gorgeous Kitchen uses the fourth floor and the rooftop of the building that’s better known for Mug for Rabbit. A large Heineken logo fills one side of the wall and the rooftop has a nice view of the neighborhood. We recommend going at night, to enjoy the cool atmosphere with an even cooler crowd.
De Karmeliet
  • Restaurants
  • Italian
  • Gangdong-gu
Not far from Olympic Park, the tranquil neighborhood around De Karmeliet makes you feel like you’re in the suburbs. And the restaurant makes the best use of its green surroundings in its dishes. A seemingly ordinary caprese is topped with fresh pesto made from basil grown in the nearby garden. The restaurant grows five types of herbs including basil, and almost all of the herbs used in the dishes are freshly picked from the garden. The mixed seafood grill consisting of marinated mussels, lobster, shrimp, calamari, flatfish, and salmon is reminiscent of Sicialian cuisine. But De Karmeliet puts a special spin on the dish, by adding a sauce made with mussel stock and tomato sauce. The savory and light taste of the sauce calls for a beer. Sit in the open garden with a Heineken bottle in one hand to get that road trip feeling. Along with some great Italian dishes, De Karmeliet also serves excellent European family meals and a Belgian favorite, mussel stew.

A recipe from The Gorgeous Kitchen

Romaine salad

Romaine salad

Ingredients (for two)
Romaine lettuce 70g, bread crumbs 30g, bacon 60g, 5 bocconcini cheese balls, Parmesan cheese, dried cranberries, almonds, parsley
For the Caesar dressing
Mayonnaise 100g, wholegrain mustard 5g, American mustard 5g, 1 anchovy, 1 clove of garlic, parmesan cheese 30g, quarter of lemon
1. Blend the anchovy and garlic in a blender.
2. Mix the mayonnaise, wholegrain/American mustard, and Parmesan cheese in a bowl and mix with the anchovy and garlic. Add lemon juice.
1. Chop the romaine lettuce in bite size pieces and toss in the Caesar dressing. Place them on a plate with bocconcini cheese.
2. Cook bacon in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. Remove oil by dabbing it with a paper towel, and mix the bacon with breadcrumbs, cranberries, almonds, and parsley.
3. Sprinkle the bacon mix over the lettuce and serve.
TIP. The Gorgeous Kitchen replaces croutons with real breadcrumbs. At home, you can make your own breadcrumbs with dried and crushed bread. Lightly pan-frying it will bring out the flavor.

About Heineken


Founded in 1864, Heineken is Holland’s favorite beer, just as what Cass is to Korea. The four ingredients that go into a bottle of Heineken are: water purified more than twice, thick malt the size of a grain, hops for a unique, fragrant taste, and Heineken’s own “A-yeast,” a special kind yeast that’s was developed in 1886.

Heineken Starserve

Think beers all taste the same? You’re so wrong. The same beer can taste different depending on the keg, temperature, cleanliness of the glass, and the way it’s poured. Starserve is the way Heineken is best served. There are five steps you should follow to starserve a Heineken that’s been chilled in a cooler. Bars and bartenders are directly maintained and trained by the Seoul headquarters in an effort to serve their product in its best form.

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