Jopok Topokki

Jopok Topokki

The McDonald’s of Korean street food, Jopok Toppoki started as a food truck in 1987 and made its way up to the Hongdae tteokbokki classic that it has become now. It has two stores in the Hongdae area alone. To be perfectly honest, the food isn’t anything too special. Their success mainly comes from the great location and keeping their classic taste consistent over the years. By the way, the place has nothing to do with jopok (gangsters), so no need to get intimidated (though the owner is actually kind of scary looking)!


Venue name: Jopok Topokki
Address: 60, Eoulmadangro

Opening hours: 11–6am
Transport: Sangsu Station(Line 6),exit 2. Hapjeong Station(Line 2,6), exit 5,6.
Price: Tteokbokki 3,000 won, sundae (Korean sausage) 3,000 won, twigim 3,000 won.
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