‘Josephs’ 4-day pop-up by chef Joseph Lidgerwood

‘Josephs’ 4-day pop-up by chef Joseph Lidgerwood

Venison, fresh skate fish and locally sourced deep-sea mud — these are a few of the ingredients which Chef Joseph Lidgerwood will incorporate in his 9-course pop-up dinner that’s soon being hosted in Seoraemaeul. This 28-year-old chef with over a decade's experience from around the world including London’s The Ledbury and Tom Aikens, in addition to numerous travel destinations including Vietnam, Nepal and Everest Base Camp which he’s explored for inspiration, is now staying shortly in Seoul. Here, Lidgerwood’s endeavors reach as far as travelling all over the peninsula for creating a perfect, radical and serendipitous balance with delicate notes of locally-sourced ingredients — while learning about Korean traditional sauces from masters of craft fermentation in Jirisan mountain, foraging for wild mushrooms and at times feeling that he’s “come too far for ingredient hunting” even for a culinary pilgrim that he is.

Lidgerwood’s prolific and leading-edge ways of storytelling — which we got a peek of during last year’s One Star House Party — will be in interactive display for 4 days, starting from Thursday, February 2nd. The 9-course is priced at $100, and each of the creative offerings is paired with Korean traditional liquors ($40) by award-winning makgeolli sommelier Chun Ji-sung. After this dynamic venture, Lidgerwood will be headed to Napa’s French Laundry to continue his brilliant career. Limited to 25 guests per night, this intimate get-together will be sure to offer inspiring and delicately complex experience.

By: Ahrim Won

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