JOSEPHS Korea Modern Korean Pop-up


Joseph Lidgerwood has been a deeper-than-expected culinary journey in Korea — finding rare, quality ingredients, throwing incredible pop-ups in his own brand and presenting collaborative projects with other skilled chefs based in Seoul. Soon, this young chef with over a decade's experience from around the world is headed to Napa’s The French Laundry. The series of modern Korean pop-up starting on March 25 will be Lidgerwood’s last events before he embarks on the new career.

Each seating is limited to 16 guests. In an intimate and emotive setting, guests will experience a radical and serendipitous balance created with locally-sourced ingredients, including native rabbits and Aralia elata shoots (dureup). Also delicately plated will be the stories and techniques which Lidgerwood has explored by traveling all over the peninsula, this time traditional Korean Buddhist cuisine which he experimented with Ven. Wonhae at Gounsa temple of Uiseong County.

There are total 9 seatings, every Saturday and Sunday, from March 25 until April 26th. Each ticket is priced at 120,000 won.

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