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Lee Yeon-bok’s newest pocha is worth the wait

Mokran has been a favorite of mine since its old location near Gangbuk Samsung Hospital, but I haven’t been able to go since it moved to Yeonhui-dong because of the lines. After his TV appearance
and advertisements, Lee made his mark as one of the best chefs in Korea. Kunilbae, Lee’s recently opened Chinese-style pocha (a type of Korean bar) near Mokran, gives his regulars a new space to frequent. Chef Lee doesn’t make the food himself, but he develops all of the recipes (and he comes to the restaurant almost every day). Choose some Chinese Kaoliang (sorghum wine) or soju to wash down one of the 13 available dishes. Just like his famous sweet and sour pork, the Sacheon sweet and sour mushrooms are absolutely delicious. But my personal favorite was the fried pork ribs. While it may sound too heavy for bar food, the crunchy texture and juicy rib meat had me emptying my glass quickly. If you’re afraid that the ribs might be too greasy, try ordering the spicy jjampong on the side. A sip of the spicy jjampong juice can balance the flavors of the ribs. The food is affordable, with all the dishes priced around 15,000 won. With the restaurant’s popularity already
booming, I hope it doesn’t get to the point that I can’t get in the door. - Lee Dong-mi


29, Yeonhuimat-ro,
Cross street:
Sweet and sour mushrooms 15,000 won, fried pork ribs 25,000 won, shrimp ball soup 15,000 won.
Opening hours:
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