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Time Out says

Kyoto Katsgyu is probably the hottest restaurant at Hanam Starfield at the moment. Having started in Kyoto and expanding to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and now Korea, Kyoto Katsgyu is a restaurant specializing in gyukatsu. What is it? Gyukatsu is dry aged chuck flap tail beef lightly coated and deep fried to medium rare, a Japanese delicacy. At this restaurant, the fried meat comes with rice, salad, tsukemono (Japanese preserved vegetables served with rice as a side dish) and miso soup along with curry sauce, Worcestershire sauce and Dashi soy sauce. For the low price of 1,000 won, you can enjoy a poached egg sautéed in soy sauce. As for the gyukatsu, dipping it in a variety of sauces provided is chewy, juicy and filled deep with flavor and definitely worth a try. If medium rare is not your cup of tea, you can cook it a little more on a brazier available on each table. Although the menu at the entrance offers a variety of gyukatsu, as of right now the chuck flap tail gyukatsu set is the only available dish. Suntory Highball is also indicated on the menu but again, unavailable. Hopefully the whole menu they brag at the entrance will soon be offered.


750, Misa-daero
1st floor
Chuck flap tail gyukatsu set (130g) 13,700 won, (160g) 16,700 won, Asahi draft beer (300ml) 4,500 won
Opening hours:
10:00-22:00 (break time 15:0-17:00)
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