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Miran Taiwanese Korokkae & Bakery (CLOSED)

  • Restaurants
  • Yonhui-dong
  • price 1 of 4
  • 2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars

There's a reason why Miran's croquettes (or korokkae) are delicious and addictive: they're carefully nurtured through a secret process until they are ready to enter your mouth. The dough is made from a perfect proportion of flour, water, salt, and four other secret ingredients. After being filled and shaped, they owners sprinkle more salt over them, and the uncooked croquettes go through two rounds of setting. They then put the croquettes in the oven for an initial baking, then deep-fry them. They're carefully fried under low temperature oil for 20 minutes. Frying at a low temperature using canola oil means that barely any oil seeps through the surface.

Their croquettes have a lightly fried taste and barely any of the greasiness that fried food usually has. We can't actually divulge the temperature of the oil here (that's a trade secret), but it's not burning hot—you can even dip your fingers in it without getting burned. Around 350 croquettes are made daily, but they sell out everyday. Six kinds of croquettes (potatoes, bulgogi, taro, sweet red bean, curry cheese, and sweet potato) and traditional Taiwanese pineapple pastry (feng li su), heart-shaped taro biscuits, and "ssongjeusu" pastries, which are pine nut fillings inside a smooth textured bread. The store is closed once the day’s worth of croquettes are sold, so closing hours are different everyday (though they usually they close between 8 to 9pm).


26 Yeonhuimat-ro
Take bus 7017, 7612(Green) or 110B, 153(Blue), get off at Yeonhui 3 Geori. Take village bus Seodaebun 04, get off at Sareoga Shopping Center.
2,000 won
Opening hours:
Daily 12–9pm. Closed every second Mon.
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