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Outback’s latest dish, Black Label Steak Bold & Wild

This time, they’re out with the Black Label Steak Bold & Wild.

Written by
jin soo lee

Outback gained a lot of fame when they launched their Black Label Steak last December. They also added the Royal Victoria Filet Steak and Black Label Steak Special Edition and established a premium steak menu line-up. This time, they’re out with the Black Label Steak Bold & Wild.

The perfect combination of garlic and herbs, Black Label Steak!

Outback Steakhouse has released an upgraded version of their Black Label Steak Bold & Wild, seasoned with wild herbs and a side of honeyroasted garlic. Cloves of garlic that have been roasted with sweet honey add even more flavor to the slab of steak cooked with thyme and rosemary, really bringing out a depth in flavor. The Black Label Steak Bold & Wild has two main
options: the Bold & Wild Rib Eye for Two, which is large enough for two people to share, and the Bold & Wild Strip. Using only 100% Australian beef, the meat is extra juicy and soft in texture. The aroma of brown
butter soaked up by the steak, which is set on a 230 hot plate that keeps the meat at it’s most delicious for you to savor each bite, for as long as you wish. Even the sizzling sound of butter between the hot plate and the meat add to this euphoric eating experience. Outback will also add a lobster combo to the menu for you to enjoy over the holiday season. Every Black Label Steak order comes with a juicy grilled lobster for just 9,000 won more. Limited for the holiday season only.

Outback Top 3 Concept Stores

Looking for a special place to dine out with your friends, family and loved ones? We would like to introduce you to the Top 3 Outback Steakhouse Concept Stores that will be perfect for an end-of-the-year gathering or a date on Christmas.

Outback Itaewon
  • Restaurants
With a trendy interior design, great customer service and wide space, more and more people are stopping by Outback Itaewon. Model Jung Woo-sung even had a photo shoot on the 4th floor. They dedicated their fourth floor to specializing the bar, where you can enjoy all kinds of beer, cocktails, juices and drinks. The bartender makes the New Wales Sangria, Blueberry Sangria and Strawberry Sangria as soon as you order, which will go nicely with your steak dinner.
Outback Central City
  • Restaurants
Outback used to be located at the fountain square within Central City, but last June, they reopened the restaurant on the second floor of the Express Bus Terminal near the Honam line ticket booth. It’s the first Outback Steakhouse in Korea to use an open floor terrace. You even get a full view of Central City. Since last September, they have been exhibiting collaboration pieces by the artist Myeong-ju Gwak in one section of Outback Central City.
  • Restaurants
Outback Suwon Station opened up near the end of last year on the sixth floor of AK Plaza Suwon, where it connects directly with the subway and train station. It’s the place to go on a date when the weather is freezing cold outside. You can go shopping at the fashion and beauty stores within AK Plaza, watch a movie at CGV, get some culture in at the Art Hall and walk over to the restaurant when you start to get hungry. Their high ceilings and clean, simple interior make this branch moreelegant than others. The bright lights that shine from the high ceiling provide the best lighting for you to take a juicy shot of the Black Label Steak and post it up on Instagram for all your friends to see.
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