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Samsung Guksu

  • Restaurants
  • Samseong-dong
  • price 2 of 4
  • 3 out of 5 stars
Samsung Guksu

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

Amidst the rampant development in Gangnam, this noodle restaurant has been quietly standing its ground without fuss in the same place for over 20 years. The go-to menu at Samseong Noodles is Pyeongyang style noodles and mandu (dumplings). The broth for their kalguksu (knife-cut noodles) is made from beef leg bone and boiled brisket, rather than the more typical seafood-based broth. Soft noodles are added along with sautéed meat, egg, and pumpkin placed delicately on top for presentation. The mandu resembles North Korean mandu, pinched shut with tofu, but smaller. The Pyeongyang style food is altered to suit the average Seoulite’s taste, so anyone and everyone can enjoy.

None of the dishes are mind-blowing persay, but somehow, long after you've finished eating, it has you reminiscing about the taste for a long time. Three popular dishes in the summer are the eobok jaengban (boiled meat and vegetables packed into a bone broth), the chicken noodle dish (sweet and spicy chicken breast, cucumbers and noodles), and finally the light green kongguksu (cold soymilk broth noodle soup), made from domestic green kernel black beans. That's a lot of choose from, but the good news is that none of them will disappoint.


611, Yeongdong-daero Chan & Chan Tower B1
Samseong Station (Line 2), exit 6
From 7,000 won
Opening hours:
Daily 11am–9:30pm
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