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Time Out says

Cheongnyangni Market is known for its varieties of ingredients sourced from around the country. And, of course, there is the Seoul Medicine Market, where 70% of all Oriental medicine in Korea is sold, right by it. Among the several traditional markets in the Cheongnyangni Station area, Cheongnyangni Fruit and Vegetable Market is the one that seems always busy, with a seemingly countless number of visitors filling the narrow alleys, trying out fresh produces offered at low prices. In the midst of this bustling scenery, one unique venue you will find is Sangsaengjang. Comprised of two stories, this food court and independent entrepreneurship school provides awesome spaces to chill and learn, at a very much unexpected location.  

Walking up the second floor through a little door next to a fruit vendor, you will find a large hall area charmingly decorated with vintage furniture and artworks created by young artists hanging on the walls. The food court offers several types of Korean and fusion dishes, as well as local craft beers (most of which are from Amazing Brewing Company). The top floor has a large rooftop area where people gather for camping and parties during the warm seasons. Located inside a busy market, it is a space safe from noise complaints while distantly located Bukhansan Mountain offers a neat view for every sober and happily intoxicated soul who comes up here.

Formally a worn-down warehouse, Sangsaengjang's quite hip and kitsch vibe has been brought to its interesting corners by young entrepreneur Na Young-kyu. With the long-term plan to develop the venue into a sustainable sanctuary for talented artists and independent entrepreneurs alike, Na is at the moment organizing art shows as well as cooking classes and competitions (involving international chefs and fresh ingredients from the market). Judging from Na's candid hope apparent in his nonchalant yet determined words, we think it's safe to say that far away from any hip or up-and-coming areas of the city, Sangsaengjang is being groomed to bring its ambitious goals into reality, for its own future as well as other traditional markets located throughout the country.


2F, 38, Gosanja-ro 36-gi
Craft beer from 5,900 won, Rice noodles from 5,000 won, Fried jumbo shrimps 15,000 won, Steamed pork set 20,000 won, Teriyaki eel donburi 12,000 won, Fresh squeezed juice from 3,000 wom.
Opening hours:
Tue - Fri 16:00 - 24:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 24:00
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