Seorae Village’s new pop-up restaurant, Andy’s Table’s first pop-up dinner!

Seorae Village’s new pop-up restaurant, Andy’s Table’s first pop-up dinner!

Andy’s Table, which has hosted chef Joseph Lidgerwood’s first pop-up dinner, has begun taking steps to specialize in one-of-a-kind pop-ups. Its first event to promote the new concept will be The Brilliant Table of Seorae Village happening on April 21nd and 22nd. The theme will be French cuisine, which is in line with the neighborhood's identity as a French community. High-quality tenderloin and lobster dishes incorporating caviar, truffles and foie gras, the 3 recipes for divine indulgence, are set to be part of the menu. Lee Seung-jin, the head chef of Cheongdam-dong’s LUKA511, will be incorporating Korean ingredients including fatsia, edamame beans and hijiki into the course, while Theodor tea and gourmet cheese will add a French touch to each dish. The 7-course meal will be composed of an emulsion created with premium truffle juice, grilled hazelnut and fatsia appetizer, pickled short-necked clams and cabbage, lobster infused with hijiki and Hanwoo tenderloin and truffles, and foie gras. The contemporary meal fusing unique ingredients from Korean and French cuisines will be a pop-up you won’t want to miss. The price is set at 100,000 won person, and wine pairing is available at an extra 40,000 won. There will be one seating on Friday the 21th, and two seatings (lunch and dinner) on Saturday, the 22nd.

April 21 (Fri) 19:00  

April 22 (Sat) Lunch 13:00  

April 22 (Sat) Dinner 19:00


Event phone: 02-591-7784
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