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So Wat

Restaurants, Thai Itaewon
1 out of 5 stars
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After 8 years of running, restaurant Berlin, located on the hill of Itaewon’s Noksapyeong entrance, has transformed into a Thai restaurant So Wat focusing on cuisine from the Isaan region. This northeastern region is known for their higher level of spice in much of their dishes. One of their representative dishes would be the Som Tam (also known as the green papaya salad). Made with shredded unripe papaya, dried shrim, chili, ground peanuts, lime and most importantly fish sauce to complete the fresh and savory salad. Roasted chicken with rice is another staple of the region. The Isaan sausage, spicy and sour at the same time, is yet another specialty and one that you can enjoy at So Wat. With extensive experience with Buddha’s Belly, So Wat is a restaurant that not only serves great authentic Thai cuisine, but makes you feel like you are in a chic and modern restaurant in Bangkok. Complete with chairs made with Jim Thompson fabrics, antiques and decorative item brought directly from Thailand, So Wat is the new hot spot for food, great scenery of the Noksapyeong intersection and a great vibe day and night.


Venue name: So Wat
Address: 48, Noksapyeong-daero 40-gil

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11:30-02:00, Fri-Sad 11:30-04:00, Sun 11:30-00:00
Transport: Noksapyeong Station (line 6)
Price: SoWat sampler 24,000 won, Som Tam Sua 14,000 won, Lab Gai Yang 16,000 won, Tom Yum noodles 1만2000원
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I've been to this restaurant several times and while I've never been blown away by anything, I've never had an absolutely horrendous time until last night. Generally, the wait period between an order for a drink and that drink's arrival is about 20 minutes... regardless of the complexity of the drink (ie a basic vodka soda takes as long as the house signature drinks). That aside, the drinks are good, the food average, and all of it over-priced (especially the drinks as the quality is really only average -- the uniqueness of the ingredients is the draw) 
I've always found the staff somewhat cold and unfriendly but last night was the first time they'd been actually hostile. My friends and I were there to celebrate a birthday and we wanted to start the night there after dinner. We brought a cake, which is not always okay with restaurants/bars even if they don't serve desserts, but we've seen people bring in those awful PB cakes before and this night was no exception as two other tables were hosting celebrations of one variety or another. 
We asked about seating. They said there wasn't any and that we should leave. We asked if we could sit at the bar as the bar was fully open and seven seats were available (we were a group of 8). They ignored us. Half of us were all for leaving then as it was clearly going to be "one of those" nights. But we opted to go in anyway, have a drink and hope for a table. Lo and behold, miraculously, about 20 minutes later, two adjacent tables for four opened up - ironically at a table that had been host to a party with a store-bought cake. 
My friend asked about plates and forks (they had been provided for that group). He was told no because they didn't want to do the dishes (?). We were discussing just moving elsewhere, again, as this was clearly not going to end well, but then the server who had said no, came over with a thing of forks. We assumed, ok, miscommunication... even if it was communication between two Koreans where language barrier can't be seen as much of an excuse. 

So we waited for a knife and some plates. And waited. And continued to wait. We asked for a knife again. Were told "no" again. Decided to slice it up with a fork while we waited. We were then given the knife immediately afterward. We were then reinformed that there would be no plates. That in Korea, people just eat it out of the dish and share communally. My friend, the Korean, said yeah, in like an office where there are no plates. Also, you gave plates to the table that was sitting here. He was ignored. We left at that point.
None of the 8 of us will ever return to such a dreadful place again and we would encourage anyone else to reconsidering going as well.