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Thunder Bald

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Time Out says

So the restaurant is named Thunder Bald because the owner of this restaurant gets his ‘thunderous’ idea from his balding head – thus Thunder Bald. Whether it has anything to do with the concept or taste of the restaurant, well you will have to be the judge of that. One thing for certain is that everything from the interior details to the separate lunch and dinner menus, has been through his hands.

When you approach the restaurant, you can’t really look in because of the tall glass panels reflecting light. But once you open the door, you will feel that the restaurant is so distant from the whole area. Its slight industrial interior elements, with the hanging Edison light bulbs, dark wooden tables with iron chairs, bricked wall and red velvet curtains, it may even give off a 20’s American vibe. But don’t let this vintage atmosphere scare you off - nothing on their lunch menu exceeds 10,000 won. Whether you choose the brunch set, the pork steak, the yaki curry, or the humongous chicken breast salad, it won’t be hurting your pockets. Yes, the dinner menu is different, but only just a tad bit more costly. Each dish, lunch or dinner, is extremely filling, tasty and best of all, affordable.

The yaki curry is oven-cooked Japanese-style, topped with a blanket of mozzarella cheese. Served in a small Le Creuset pot, it’s one of the smaller lunch menu specials. If you’re looking for a healthy selection, the chicken breast salad might be your pick. The bowl comes filled with lettuce, chicory, romaine lettuce, corn, and almonds among others, with a nice piece of grilled chicken breast served on top a grilled pineapple slice. The yuzu sauce which comes with the salad is a mixture of sweet, tangy and bitter, making the whole dish refreshing.

If that’s not enough for you, you should take of the pork steak dish. It’s the one that was recommended by the owner – who has gained experience at Lotte Hotel’s Chinese restaurant in the past. His uniquely created steak sauce, along with the perfectly cooked pork is impressive in flavor. Admittedly, it isn’t the biggest piece of meat you will see on a plate. But the best part is, if you need more rice or side salad, just ask for it and you will be served 3 times what you originally had. Just make sure you can finish it all, or you have someone who can. At the end of the meal, add a 1,000 won to your bill and get a tall cup of Americano for a take out.

Written by
Ahrim Won


만리동1가 51-1
Pork steak 8500, Brunch set 9800
Opening hours:
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