Tokyo Udon

Tokyo Udon

Although the name of this restaurant is “Tokyo Udon,” the dish to get here is actually the curry-rice. This meatless Japanese-style curry (with a Korean twist) is made with large pieces of vegetables and potatoes and comes served on top of a bowl of white rice and a refreshing hot bowl of udon soup on the side. Equally popular is the chunky fishcake udon noodles, made less greasy thanks to the white radish in it. The kitchen is easily visible from the seating area in the restaurant and you’ll get a first-hand look at how much preparation goes into each meal. One of the best curries of its kind, it’s also one of the most reasonably priced.

By: Hahna Yoon


Venue name: Tokyo Udon
Address: 20, Supyo-ro
Opening hours: 9am-10:30pm
Transport: Euljiro 3-ga Station (line 2, 3), exit 8
Price: Curry-rice 4,300 won, udon noodles 4,300 won.
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