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Try the most addictive Hamburg steak @ Café Goghi

You'll realize that there’s a lot you can expect in this Japanese Western-style dish, after trying Café Goghi's version, that is.

Written by
Dong Mi Lee

This “catering co-op” located between Hyoja-dong and Gyeongbokgung Palace has been serving Hamburg steak as their signature dish for 10 years. Trying out both the signature dish and brunch menus is definitely recommended, while the cooking classes offered each month are something you should really check out if you’re keen on learning a few cool techniques. There's also an awesome 13-course Thai dinner happening here this month.

Café Goghi
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The patty is really juicy, but the star of the plate is the sauce which is made from scratch in the kitchen. If you observe the chefs here for a few minutes, you can tell how delicate the process is: first, stir fry onions, shiitake mushroom, and regular mushroom separately, then mix them all with homemade garlic oil, to which demi-glace sauce is added later. The result is the light brown-colored sauce (as opposed to the usual dark brown version you see at other Japanese Western-style joints) which is subtle yet oh-so-addictive.

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