Unam Sikdang

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Unam Sikdang
What actual Jeonju natives enjoy more than bibimbap is gukbap (rice served in soup). The most famous places to get it are Jo Jeom-rye restaurant (in Jeonju Nambu Traditional Market) and Waengijip Kongnamulgukbap restaurant. In the market, there are a lot of places that are less touristy and loved by the locals. Unam Sikdang restaurant, which is right next to Jo Jeomrye restaurant is one of them. True gukbap lovers will notice how they serve a half-boiled egg in a separate dish instead of
adding it to the soup. You can have as much rice rice as you want without paying extra.


Venue name: Unam Sikdang
Address: Unam Sikdang
63, Pungnammun 2-gill
Opening hours: 6am-6pm
Price: Kongnamulgukbap 5,000 won.

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