Yak Dabang Bomdong Teahouse’s

Yak Dabang Bomdong Teahouse’s
Some argue that fewer and fewer diseases are considered incurable in this day and age. Strong believers in natural cures even say that there’s a cure for that empty feeling you get in your heart. At Yak (Medicine) Dabang Bomdong Teahouse, I tell the Chinese medicine doctor that I feel something’s missing in my life and he brews me a hot cup of Angbangtea. Drinking the whole cup left with me a warm and full feeling. The teas here come in different categories. There are body teas to relieve physical pain and mental well-being teas for those who desire courage and patience. Most of the teas are actually savory with a touch of sweet, instead of being bitter—making it easier for you to drink several cups. Even if you’re not a believer in Chinese medicine per se, trying a cup of one of their refreshing teas could be worth it!


Venue name: Yak Dabang Bomdong Teahouse’s
Address: 12-13, World Cup buk-ro 6-gil
Opening hours: 11:00–23:00
Transport: Hongik University(Line 2, Airport railroad ),exit 1.
Price: Teas from 8,000 won
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