Yeonnam Seo Sikdang (Yeonnam Standing BBQ)

Restaurants, Korean Mapo-gu

If you search ‘standing galbi restaurant’, you’ll probably be bombarded with results. It’s become so popularized that you’ll be able to find one of these places in every neighborhood. But the original standing galbi restaurant is the 60 year old Yeonnam Seo Sikdang. Just don’t get it mixed up or confused with all the copycats nearby because it’s Yeonnam Seo Sikdang that serves the tastiest BBQ’s. The beef is a mixture of local ribs and US imported hanging tender. The restaurant only serves up beef so you might want to bring your own rice and kimchi or buy it at a nearby convenience store. The marinated beef only needs to be slight cooked on the fire before you consume it. Since you’ll be standing the whole time, you probably won’t be staying for over 30 minutes. Also, beware of the BBQ smell that will stick onto your hair and clothes – all of which is forgiven as the food is just too good.


Venue name: Yeonnam Seo Sikdang (Yeonnam Standing BBQ)
Address: 32, Baekbeom-ro 2-gil

Opening hours: 12:00-20:00, closed on first and third Mondays
Price: Beef galbi 15,000 won per serving
Static map showing venue location