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Your Madeleine

  • Restaurants
  • Jung-gu

Time Out says

This petite white, house-shaped bakery is an easy spot. It was made with one thought in mind – baking a decently healthy Madeleine for her child to enjoy. The result, 9 fantastically made flavors, which make up the majority of menu items offered at this shop. They are all made with rice flour (making it easier to digest) and butter made by Seoul Milk, leaving no room for trans-fat to be anywhere on the ingredient’s list.

Butter seems to be the soul of these Madeleines, as you can smell its richness when you open the cloudy packaging. When you take a bite of it, you will notice that instead of being chewy, it has an airy texture (due to the rice flour), filled with the fragrance and sweetness of the flavor you chose. The original flavor, however, might not satisfy the taste buds of Madeleine maniacs, as the smell of rice flavor subtly remains as the aftertaste.

A recommended flavor is the black tea. It has a strong scent from the Ceylon tea leaves that were used to process the flavor. The chocolate wasn’t too sweet and you could tell that good quality cocoa powder was used from the scent that fills your mouth. If you are ever in the neighborhood and in need of a quick pick-me-up, this homey white Madeleine bakery is where you need to go.

Written by
Ahrim Won


만리동1가 53-8
1,500 per piece
Opening hours:
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