Cheon Gagye Baram

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Cheon Gagye Baram

We could list more than a hundred reasons why the fabric at Cheon Gagye Baram is exceedingly awesome. Cheon Gagye Baram (which uses the sino-Korean letter for "gye," or "world," instead of the similar-sounding "gae" that would normally lend itself to the last syllable of "ga-ge," or shop) is a space where the owner sells beautiful fabrics she has hand-picked during her travels in the remote hinterlands of India, Nepal, and Peru. Some items are on par with actual art: aunties from India or Nepal, along with grandmothers from Peru, have hand-stitched and dyed and woven each article of cloth. You can take a gander at dreamcatchers that ward off nightmares, stick incense for burning, and many diverse accessories the owner has hauled in from all over the world.


Venue name: Cheon Gagye Baram
Address: 198, Seongmisan-ro
Opening hours: 1-9pm
Transport: Hongik University (Line 2), exit 3.
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