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Everyday hanbok

Seoul’s fashion forward are putting on their hanbok (not just for Chuseok)

Written by
jin soo lee

Wear hanbok on Chuseok? Nah, that’s not exactly what we’re saying. We get enough of that on the evening news. What we are suggesting is that hanbok is returning to people’s everyday lives. On Instagram, you can definitely find those who go on overseas trips or on short tours to hanok villages in their hanboks. (Search #hanbok or #한복 if you don’t believe us). Hanbok promoter and traveler Kwon Mi-ru roams around the world in hanboks she made herself and says it feels like she loves herself better when she wears it.

This spotlight on the hanbok is coming from outside of Korea as well. Chanel’s Karl
Lagerfeld, as well as foreign fashion media outlets like praised the beauty of
hanbok—which many Koreans had no idea was going on. “Tchaikim” is one brand that’s mesmerized even Tilda Swinton. Designer Kim Young-jin’s second brand “Tchakim” not only shows a modern interpretation of hanbok but also makes you want to wear it. One of their most popular items, the “Cheollik dress,” was inspired by the traditional uniform for military officers, and yet it manages to still be new and beautiful.

Tchaikim refuses to be bound to names like “daily hanbok” or “fusion hanbok.” Instead, they want to be known as a readymade brand that brings hanbok aesthetics and sentiments to life. Along with Tchaikim, several other brands are introducing various styles of modern, beautiful hanboks which are perfect for you to wear right away.

Jeonju-based brand Leesle’s take on the Cheollik dress, the collar strip’s line makes the dress look elegant and stylish. 99,000 won.

This all-cotton dress’s lines were inspired by hanbok. Verygoen’s pattern dress. 180,000 won.


A practical jeogori you can wear all year round as a white shirt. 99,000 won.

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