Innovators’ Library

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Run by a non-profit, the Innovators’ Library is one of the best places to see the culture of the Seoul Forest project in action, fitting in perfectly with the social venture complex in the area. Literally a library for innovators, the books here are of a different caliber. The categories, firstly, are correlated to subjects such as “social networking systems” and “start-ups.” For any young person interested in innovation, must-reads on design, music, and philosophy are all on deck. With the aim of establishing a booksharing community, the space allows not only for borrowing and reading, but also networking for industry people, and is currently planning an array of innovation-related events. Come by for a casual read and who knows what you might be inspired to create.


Venue name: Innovators’ Library
Address: 10, Seoulsup 6-gil

Opening hours: 10:00–20:00
Transport: Ttukseom Station(Line 2), exit 8.
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