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Mulnamu Studio

Looking at the photos hanging on the walls of the Mulnamu studio imparts an odd feeling: it’s as if the people in the shot, with their modern fashion sensibilities, somehow stepped back in time. In this digital age, the owner of the Mulnamu studio insists on snapping photos with analog film, then painstakingly printing the result on traditional hanji (Korean mulberry paper) using non-silver printing techniques. Printing one photo shot on-site, sized 8x10 inches, will cost you 230,000 won. And it’s worth every last penny, too. Just holding the photo in your hands is proof enough. Rich gradation that no digital image could possibly imitate, carefully executed printing, and simple, upscale wrapping: nothing is left to chance. If you want a classic portrait photo, be sure to hurry. Companies that produce photographic film are increasingly limiting production, so prices can only rise.


Venue name: Mulnamu Studio
Address: 84-3, Gyedong-gil
Opening hours: 11am–7pml. Closed every Tues.
Transport: Anguk Station (Line 3), exit 3.
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