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Put it on paper

Autumn got you feelin’ sentimental? Do it up old school and capture your feelings on paper.

Written by
jin soo lee
1 The word “숲” (forest) on its dark green cover makes a strong impression. There are more items in the series such as “밤” (night) and “흙” (earth). Drawing book by Soso Moongoo, 3,800 won.
2 I bought this even though I know that I’m never going to use it all of the pencils. PH pencil set (4pcs), 14,000 won. Typographic printing crafted by Japanese publishers, SAB Letterpress, 4,500 won.
3 This N Seoul Tower postcard by Zero Per Zero is even more attractive than the actual tower, 3,000 won.
4 A memo notebook, small enough for you to carry in one hand. Circus
Boy Band postcards that will make you smile, 2,800 won each.

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Run by designers Kim Ji-hwan and Jin Sol, this design studio is small yet simple. They have distinctively different styles where Kim Ji-ho mostly works with cities’ subways maps made up of straight lines and Jin Sol focuses on drawing illustrations. Zero Per Zero’s cool designs have already been recognized by New York’s MoMA and their products are being sold at MoMA stores in New York, Tokyo and Seoul. Cards and pictures with N Seoul Tower or New York’s subway map are the ideal gifts for your wanderlust friends.
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They said the name Circus Boy Band was inspired by Cirque du Soleil. Designer Oh Hyun-suk, who used to work with MMMG during its early stages, created this brand.Their showroom and shop, Shop 52, is in Wonnam-dong and is only open on Saturdays. Nonetheless, this place has already become the Holy Grail for “stationery addicts.” This brand’s popularity is thanks to their strong characteristics and imaginative illustrations. Their design products are a mix of circus themes, astronauts, flower petals and animals. All of which look as if they came out of a fairy tale.
soso moongoo
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Soso Moongoo was so-so in the beginning. Four design major friends who didn’t want to spend their vacation doing nothing started making notes and postcards. Yu Ji-hyeon and Bang Ji-min started this brand after graduating. They sell aesthetically pleasing stationery.Their designs with flowers, cacti and words like “forest,” “earth” and “night” are so beautiful that you can’t help but want to use their products. Unlike their name, they are doing better than so-so and are exporting their items to Australia, the U.K.and Thailand.
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Despite their short hours of operation, a lot of people visit this place, most likely for their unusual items and the unique display. The space isn’t wide but their triangularshaped roof, transparent glass walls, and tables and shelves were all carefully crafted. This shop’s stationery items come from all over the world and almost look like pieces of art. It’s very common to find yourself buying something, such as a dandelion paperweight (which I don’t even know if I’ll ever use from here things), just because it’s pretty. Sure, it’s not practical but it’s definitely splurge-worthy. 
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