Samkak Relation

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Samkak Relation

If every creative, adorable, and beautiful thing in the world were to go hurtling into one space under the influence of some strange magic spell, this would totally be it. Samgak relation is a shop that sells by consignment the art of designers and artists, the products of small-scale studios, and books from cutting-edge independent publishers. This shop acts as the third point of a happy "triangular" relationship (literally a "samgak" relationship), connecting 100-odd brands with consumers that want something new. The place is full of various items such as bags, accessories, soaps, scented candles, pictures, and postcards. The most beautiful product of all is the wood hunting trophy created for the express purpose of supporting opposition to wildlife poaching. This befits the gentle hearts of the creators, the couple that own the shop: they are socially-minded people who have the goal of sharing beauty with others.


Venue name: Samkak Relation
Address: 47,Yeonhui-ro 11ga-gil
Transport: take bus 104
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