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Time Out says

In an era of mass-produced, machine-made items, more and more people are on the hunt for handmade products. Customtailored suits, jeans and handmade shoes and glasses are no exception. Kim Jong-pil,  the CEO of the handmade eyewear brand Sujakjeon, oversees the entire process of making glasses, from the sketching and production stages to  the final phase. Their products appear to be made of wood, but it’s  actually a material called acetate. This material complements glasses' weaknesses, which are inflexibility and water resistance. The specs adjust to fit the wearer’s face and maintain this shape for a long time. Before  they finish the final production stage, they make the surface of the  frames look a bit coarse to give them that handmade feel. They also  leave blade marks to make them look even more natural. All the glasses  displayed in their store are unique in their own way and are comfortable to wear. The small details and color differences reveal their distinct characteristics. If this particular type is out of your price range,  you can try out code B, which is another one of their product lines. They offer simple designs and fit the shape of Asian faces better as they have higher nose pads and longer bridges.


35-4, Insadong-gil,
Code B from 100,000 won, Sujakjeon from 500,000 won.
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