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Seoul shows off its shoes

Four of Seoul's local shoes brands with strong identities and concepts


The parent company of this brand, Bio M, is owned by a podiatrist. Employing the technologies developed by Bio M, grds uses special soles made by an Italian master for their shoes. The bottoms of their shoes are curved in order to make walking feel natural and comfortable. As much as they focus on the basic functions of their shoes, their design is also stylish. Once you try on their sneakers, you will probably go home with a new pair of shoes in your hand.

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Flat apartment

Think about the shape of a beoseon (traditional Korean socks) and you'll get an inkling of what Flat Apartment's designs look like. The shape of their shoes' toes resembles that of a beoseon but details vary. They release products in black and white almost every season, letting you choose timeless, classy items. You can also place a special order to buy products that were released this season, the last or the one before.

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Reike nen

This is a handmade shoe brand launched by Yoon Hong-mi, who used to work as a shoe designer at HANSOME. Reike nen’s shoes are simple and soft, without any flashy decorations or showy colors, making it easier for you to match them with any outfit. Because they make heels appropriate to the shoes’ design and let you choose different options according to the shape of your feet, their products are more than pretty; they are comfortable. Their popular, lightweight loafers and basic Chelsea boots feature heels stuffed with spongy materials, and customers love them so much that they revisit Reike nen’s show room multiple times to replace their heels.

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Yuul Yie

From pumps with slant heels covered in studs to Mary Jane-styled loafers with straps as thick as a waistband, nothing about YUUL YIE is ordinary—including the shape of the shoes' toes and heels and materials used. This season, you can browse for loafers and flats in a variety of colors, such as silver, pink, brown and more, with water drop-inspired pendants attached on them.

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