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Shop for a good cause: Marymond Post-it

The ‘Marymond Post-it’s’ is an art and human rights project

Written by
Ahrim Won

The ‘Marymond Post-it’s’ is an art and human rights project. Each season, a victim of sexual slavery under Japanese colonial rule (the wianbu 'comfort women') is asked to be interviewed for her personal stories and histories, in a form of an in-person interview or an autobiography. These personal accounts and narratives are translated into patterns and designs, each with a type of flower delicate to the women and their sense of dignity.

The latest edition of the ‘Marymond X Post-it’ collaboration shows Rose of Sharon flowers and Yellow Roses in full bloom. The Rose of Sharon symbolizes Kim Hak-soon, a daughter of an independence activist and also the first victim to have testified her ordeals; the Yellow Rose represents Gil Won-ok, a surviving victim who remains strong and inspiring for the younger generations.

The full series contains the ‘Post-it® X Marymond Rose of Sharon Pack’ (3,500 won), ‘Post-it® X Marymond Yellow Rose Pack’ (3,500 won) and ‘Post-it® X Marymond Yellow Rose Flags’ (2,000 won). 50% of more of all profits made by the collaboration will go into supporting the war rape victims of Congo and Vietnam, establishing a non-profit foundation and memorial and funding international campaigns and welfare for the women.

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