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Siam Discovery - The Exploratorium

Must go-to's at the newly reopened Siam Discovery in Bangkok!
By Chuljunsung |
Siam Discovery, which has been under renovations for over a year, reopened on May 28th. Oki Sato from Nendo, a Japanese design studio, was in charge of designing Siam Discovery and he transformed it into a brand new space. Oki Sato has been listed as one of the 100 most-respected Japanese citizens and he was named designer of the year by Wallpaper and Elle Decor. Siam Discovery is the largest lifestyle shopping mall in Bangkok and is now at the center of attention as the most attractive shopping center in the area of Siam. Floor G is called Her Lab and offers fashion brands for women, and Floor M is His Lab with brands for men. Siam Discovery’s interior design resembles that of a laboratory where each floor has its own “lab” and the staff members wear different styles of lab coats, which are actually quite stylish. On the third floor of the mall is Street Lab, which sells street-style merchandise, and Digital Lab is on the second floor. Creative Lab is stocked with lifestyle products on the third floor, and Play Lab is located on the fourth floor. This is a place that will require a lot of time if you want to check everything out, so make sure you leave plenty of time in your schedule to do so.

Dressing room on Floor G

Check this place out even if you don't think a dressing room can be special. Made of arch-shaped steel structures, it is both European and futuristic at the same time. If you go to one of the personal dressing rooms, stylists will recommend different clothing, accessories and fashion styles that will best suit you.

The first flagship stores in the world

Issey Miyake opened his first overseas flagship store here and Billboard magazine opened a café for the very first time in Bangkok as well.

Men’s beauty on Floor M

This section with shiny, shimmering lighting offers cosmetic products for men. The staff members explain their products in a friendly manner and have everything you need, from head to toe, as well as clinically-tested items.

Sustainable product collection

Being eco-friendly was one of the things that Siam Discovery placed high priority on. Cycling-related products and equipment made in collaboration with Tokyobike are absolutely beautiful to look at.

ODS (Object Design Store) corner on the 3rd floor

About 160 Thai lifestyle products as well as home décor items that won different kinds of international design awards can all be found here. You can see the products by PDM and Trimode that won the Danish Design Award, ceramics by Yarnnakarn Art & Craft Studio and artsy furniture pieces and table lamps. This is the most unique and attractive place in Siam Discovery.
siam, Siam discovery 989 Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand, +662-658-1000

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