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aT SLoW PHarMaCy’S showroom in Banpo-dong, Lee Gu-reum and Jeong U-seong prescribe a slower pace of life to their visitors by way of Monstera plants, prickly pears and tillandsias. Carefully designed and planted in terrariums, beakers and hanging planters, those “remedies” are a product of Lee’s childhood that revolved around her mother’s old flower shop, and of both owners’ shared philosophy towards indoor gardening. For Lee and Jeong, a plant can be at the center or a corner of one’s life, influencing his/her course of action, attitudes and relationships. “It can replace a television set, for example, and determine how we spend our time after work, how we approach work and who we meet, even,” Lee explained. It is out of this philosophy that Lee and Jeong approach the work they do as a sort of prescribed regimen that requires careful face-to-face consultations and aftercare. Accordingly, the types of plants being sold on their online store are limited, and they more often than not kindly tell some of their visitors to visit the showroom whenever they wish to instead of taking a plant home. Whilst it is true that cultivating a plant can be “truly life-changing,” such reward is never granted without responsibility and care. As evidenced in the owners’ ideology, understanding one’s responsibility starts with self-reflection and awareness of his/her environment. As Jeong explained: “How much time one spends at home and away, and how the air quality at his/her home changes during each season, for example, matters.” The owners of Slow Pharmacy generously share all of their knowledge and passion with those who visit their pop-up store, where dozens of plants are being nurtured. The atmosphere here resembles not only that of a greenhouse, with lush greens and delicate foliage, but also that of a neighborhood pharmacy where friendly conversations flow. More than just a simple business transaction, your visit will be filled with shared stories and truly individual care, which will be later translated into the slow, restorative hours of your life.


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