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Toy with me

Enhance your playtime with these must-haves.

 Sometimes, you need more than "sexy." From daring yet elegant bralettes to quality vibrators that'll let you "let go" in no time, check out our list of 8 items for your "la petite mort" tonight.

The Fuze Velvet

Begging for a pegging? Whether you’re a butt beginner or an anal expert, the elegant Fuze Velvet dildo will have you panting and moaning on the road less travelled. 125,000 won. Fuze.

Womanizer, Black Leopard

Think about the best cunnilingus you’ve ever had. Now multiply.   Three-word online reviews about this product that uses suction instead of vibration say nothing but “best orgasm ever” and “amazing multiple  orgasms.” 288,000 won. Womanizer.


Cute Enzo Couples Vibrating Ring

Want to call a longer and stronger erection combined with 5-speed vibration “cute”? Sure, why not? Up your chances for a sexy simultaneous orgasm with this “cute” safe-silicone, waterproof cock ring and vibrating  ring that has something in it for someone. 95,000 won. Toyjoy.

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