Banpo Hangang Park

Sports and fitness, Exercise classes Banpo-dong
한강 반포지구

The Han River, which stretches across 494km, borders 12 parks in Seoul. Our favorite spot is somewhere between Banpo Bridge and the Jamwon River terrace. From here, you get breathtaking views of the Floating Islands, the Rainbow Bridge and Namsan Tower. The bridge looks best on summer nights, especially when chicken and beer’s thrown into the mix. If you’re ordering delivery, opt for nearby, local fried chicken eateries rather than the popular franchise brands. The franchises will most likely have orders backed up busy weekend nights, while the local hole-in- the walls will guarantee a faster arrival for your fried poultry fix.


Venue name: Banpo Hangang Park
Address: 40, Sinbanpo-ro
Transport: Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3), exit 8-1
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