The Ja’s Climbing Gym

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The Ja’s Climbing Gym

The Ja’s Climbing Gym is an indoor climbing gym with an artificial wall that is 3.8 meters high. The best of rock climbers in Korea, Ja-ha Kim, Ja-bi Kim and Ja-in Kim (if the “Ja” in all three names didn’t give it away, they are siblings), opened this gym on Garosugil in 2013. Ja-in Kim finished the 2015 season as the number one climber in the world for lead climbing, bouldering and speed climbing. Ja-ha Kim is the coach and Ja-bi represents Korea as a climber at international competitions and is also a trainer at The Ja’s. There’s no room for boredom at The Ja’s, especially when you are surrounded by other young people and hear hip-hop flowing out of the speakers. Once every two months, they change the bouldering course, and they have a competition (or more like a party) amongst all the gym members. 


Venue name: The Ja’s Climbing Gym
Address: 118, Apgujeong-ro
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11am–11pm, Sat–Sun 11am–8pm.
Transport: Apgujeong Station (Line 3), exit 5
Price: Membership: One month 130,000 won, one day 20,000 won
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