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CGV Starium

  • Theater
  • Yeongdeungpo-gu

Time Out says

The world’s largest screen is located right here in Seoul at the 4th floor of the Times Square Mall. Included in the Guinness World Records, CGV Starium offers not just the ‘Extreme Giant Screen’ but super dual digital images, 16 channel sound system and digital 3D images. So, to all those who don’t understand the specific technicalities, this is what it means. Firstly, the upgraded dual laser digital images means this huge screen will have the same brightness as normal cinemas, assuring picture quality. The 16 channel surround sound is pretty impressive as you can almost feel the vibrations on your seat. Finally, although Starium offers 3D movies, it’s not highly recommended as the dizzying effects of viewing 3D might get worse with the fact you just can’t see the whole screen without tilting your head. 3D along with constantly moving your head isn’t the best combination. As a small tip to really enjoy the biggest screen in the world, make sure you seats are located somewhere along H to K (with the best being line J) with seat number 21-35. For those who like to watch blockbuster movies, this cinema might be worth a try. After all a fixed price of 10,000 won per ticket is only 2,000 won more than the normal cinemas.

Written by
Chuljunsung Chuljunsung


15, Yeongjung-ro
4 floor
10,000 won
Opening hours:
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