Dancing Scarecrow

춤추는 허수아비
춤추는 허수아비
춤추는 허수아비
춤추는 허수아비
The first weekend of May this year will be a 3-day weekend, as children’s day (Friday, May 5th) has been a designated ‘off’ day ever since 1975. If you haven’t made plans already or don’t really know what to do, why not get yourself a few tickets to Dancing Scarecrow, a non-verbal musical for all ages. This ‘beat-dance-comedy’ will have you and your young friend laugh throughout the show and groove on the edge of your seats to the exciting tunes and moves. 
The plot goes a something like this: a lonely scarecrow who has been given a life by the Earth’s spirit falls in love with a young human lady. Not only that, he takes charge in fighting off an evil construction company that manipulated the townspeople into giving up their land. Sounds like it's up your alley? See how the story unfolds, starting this May!


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