Jesus Christ Superstar

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Jesus Christ Superstar

Most of us have gone through tough moments where we are forced to ask a higher power, "Why me?” But what if Jesus asked the same question? With a Broadway debut in 1971, Jesus Christ Superstar ("Superstar") is a musical that deals with Jesus' final seven days on earth. The musical's provocative interpretation of the Bible and groundbreaking stage performance was once controversial—it gives a human perspective on the divine existence of Jesus, and his strictly human vexations.. The sounds are decidedly non-traditional, too. Before his rise as a musical mogul, a 22-year old Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the score, blending classical and rock music.

There are many factors to creating a well-made theatrical performance, but the music in Superstar is outstanding. From the high vocal range and rock vibratos to strong beats, Superstar has no spoken dialogue, and every line is sung from start to finish. Park Eun-tae and Michael Lee, both of whom have proven track records, share the role of Jesus and fit the bill perfectly. The two put on impressive performances in 2013, and their rendition of "Gethsemane" still sends chills down the spine. Han Ji-sang, who plays Judas, also returns to his 2013 role, pulling off Judas' many vocal parts on overdrive beautifully. Han also possesses the naïveté of a young boy and the sex appeal of a nubile. On the other hand, Superstar's zeal for quality music has left the no-frills stage production rather neglected. Plus, the names Jesus and Judas have a lot of cultural freight and may become mental blocks for you to really immerse yourself into the story. Erase the names from your head, and the musical will be equally enrapturing and interesting. Just pay attention to what you hear and listen. 

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