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2017 interior design trend — escapism

With the 'always on’ lifestyle, creating a relaxed space is rising as a home design trend.

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Chuljunsung Chuljunsung

As many of us are aware, French workers now have the ‘right to disconnect' outside of work hours. While the idea is only a distant reality for those of us working in Korea, it is certainly a practice that we all (didn't know that we) desire — especially with 2 more months of work per year than the OECD average, along with an average of 11 hours per week spent on work via smartphone an average of 11 hours per week. A life consumed by computers and smartphones — we have reached an era of technological domination, with mobile messages, emails, and social networks letting us stay connected from everywhere. It seems that there’s almost nowhere that is free from unwanted technological distraction. In such context of 'always on’ lifestyle, creating a relaxed space is rising as a home design trend.

In creating a comforting atmosphere, pure cotton is perfect material. Items like cotton bed covers and rugs can be easily found at an affordable price range. Texture is another element. Matte finish will be in, and marble (whether real of faux) can provide a calm and sustainable element to your interior. You can also color up your home for a natural look with 'Greenery,' Pantone's Color of the Year 2017, which is a bright zesty yellow-green. All over the world we're seeing something close to a movement of greenery re-entering our society — through urban plannaing, architecture, lifestyle and design choices. Last year, nature themed cafés and indoor plant select shops were hugely popular in Seoul. You might want to try visiting Slow Pharmacy for some tips on indoor gardening or purchasing a nicely arranged terrarium. For those without enough time or skill to take care of a plant, plant patterned prints and fabric can be found at Mangwon-dong’s Want_Garden.

Realistically, there is not an easy way out of the digital and ‘smart’ world we all live in right now. But creating a comforting feel in our home can be quite simple — it might add a little dose of relaxation to cope with all the external chaos, too.

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