2017 Street Art Zone

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2017 거리예술존

Seoul may not be Paris, but that’s not to say that Seoul isn’t filled with great artists. At Seoul’s 2017 Street Art Zone, you will be able to experience art in a refreshing way. Until the end of November, streets all over Seoul will become a stage for some wonderful performances. The list of participating performance groups has been extended to 143 teams from 108 teams last year. These groups have had to audition to be selected to perform at many of Seoul’s tourist hubs as well as parks, subway stations and other indiscrete spaces. All the dynamic performances will be accompanied by markets to spend a little cash and buy something nice. Traditional performances, along with 7080, indie bands, rap, hip hop, musical miming and magic performances among others are set to have you entertained. The best part is that all these performances are free of charge. Look out for mimes, magicians and circus acts at Seoul’s 13 different district markets, a site you won’t see very often. Check out the website for further performances and where they will be located.


Event website: http://seoulbusking.com
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