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A dog gone weekend

Two days with professional pet photographer Seung-hyeon and his pal, Tank.

Written by
jin soo lee
Not many people get to play professional best friend to their pets, but pet photographer Hong Seung-hyeon is one of the few who gets that honor. Previously an aspiring fashion photographer, Hong had a phase when he lost all interest in photography and ran a restaurant. But Tank, his dog, inspired him to pick up the camera again. Seung-hyeon started pet photography to document the everyday life of Tank, and in 2013, he decided to take it to a professional level and become a pet photographer— opening Thank You Studio. It wasn’t easy at first.
Not a lot of people were interested in professional photography with pets. Hong had to go around door-to-door, handing out fliers at pet hospitals and pet shops. But soon after, his efforts started to pay off—actor Yoon Kye-sang’s shoot with his dog and a collaborative photo shoot with Everland Zoo are only a sampling of his recent works. A well known French select shops Colettes, has been selling smartphone cases with Tank’s photos on them for some time now. With all these things to do, how does Hong manage to have any time to even go on a walk with Tank? What does their weekend end up looking like?
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