Adidas Academy of Martial Arts

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Adidas Academy of Martial Arts works alongside the national Taekwondo team, the national Jiu-jitsu team and also the national Boxing team of Korea. So if you’ve been serious about taking some professional classes to build you defense tactics, this place is right for you. With great facilities installed here, including your own locker, shower room and premium Adidas equipment, all you will have to worry about is training your hardest to meet your goals. All three martial arts are taught in 3 different levels: Adult, Youth and Children. Below is a list of qualities that differentiate the 3 types of martial arts.


A curriculum based on scientific physique and stress management for the Adult’s course, focus and behavior control for the Youth’s course and finally physical and personality growth through leadership education for the Children’s course. Training for dangerous and harmful situations. Participation for special events led by the national Taekwondo team.


Exercises for core-muscle strength and flexibility with dieting benefits, training for dangerous and harmful situations, seminars by celebrated Jiu-jitsu from abroad, and a chance to participate in the Adidas Jiu-jitsu Championship.


Intensive training led by a former world champion, basic physical fitness and stamina training with dieting benefits, training for dangerous and harmful situations, and seminar led by the national Boxing team.


Venue name: Adidas Academy of Martial Arts
Address: Samsung-ro 155 B1, B2

Opening hours: 13:00 – 22:30
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