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Architects FHHH Friends

Architects FHHH Friends picks their favorite spots in Seoul.


This is the hottest architectural firm today. It is run by Han Yang Kyu, Yoon Hanjin and Han Seung Jae. they're the names behind several trendy Seoul spots, such as On ne Sait Jamais, a cafe in Hannamdong, and the French restaurant Aupres.

Three Favorite places in Seoul

Jo Malone London, Hannam Boutique
  • Shopping
"On the way from Hangangjin Station to Itaewon, you can see this black  brick building. Designed by Mass Studies, it delivers a strong message with its jeon bricks (thin, traditional Asian-style bricks) and black concrete. Since it’s a large open space, anybody can stop by and relax here." — Yoon Hanjin
Myeongdong cathedral
  • Attractions
"Although most structures in Seoul are constructed using the easiest and cheapest methods, Myeongdong Cathedral is one of the rare edifices  built with a lot of dedication and effort. You can sit back and relax in the wide courtyard and take time to relax in the middle of the most overpriced part of Myeongdong. It makes the time that you spend there more precious.”— Han Seung Jae
Seonyudo Park
  • Things to do
"I can still remember the sensation I got when I first visited. It’s amazing how much people use the open space to their liking and how many  treasures are hidden within Mother Nature.”— Han Yang Kyu

Before it's Hot

  • Things to do
"In Seoul, there are countless opportunities to see new buildings, but we  definitely need to give credit to older buildings —even if they’re not from the Joseon Dynasty. Although this building was constructed in the early 1990s and is not a cultural heritage, it gives you a fresh perspective on architecture."— Han Seung Jae

Recommendation for out-of-town visitors

  • Sports and fitness
"When I visited Nagasaki, Japan, I spent my time running and swimming  at a wellconstructed sports center there. I liked the feeling that I was absorbing the air with my whole body and that made me feel like a local.  This sports center, which was built where Mangwon reservoir once existed, has nice facilities and is clean."— Han Seung Jae
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