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Bookstore bars

Alone or together.

Books and alcohol, it's such a beautiful pairing!

Chaeg Bar

For those who want to take a break from the world and zone into a book, Chaeg Bar is the venue for you. Hidden in the back alleys of Yeonhui-dong, this low-lit new concept bar has all the amenities you need to keep yourself focused: small individual LED lights, faint jazz in the background, and of course, alcohol...

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Dasi Bookshop

“You’ve chosen the best one that's in here,” the owner tells me as I walk up to the counter. I sense a kind of humor in his tone, then quickly take a look at the 3 syllables printed at the bottom of the cover. Soon I realize that he’s the person who wrote the collection of 108 poems that I was almost anxious to read later...

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Book & Pub

What’s better than combining reading and drinking? The name Book & Pub says it all. A modest bookstore, this place opened last April by Couchsurfing host, writer and traveler Kim Jong-hyun. After publishing the book Traveling with Couchsurfing, Kim’s original concept was to create a performance venue and café...

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