Brilliant Kids Motor Show

Things to do

Children who seem to be car enthusiasts at a young age might want to visit the Brilliant Kids Motor Show, an interactive auto convention lead by Hyundai at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). 

Before the show began, children from all over Korea were asked to submit hand-drawn imaginary cars (7,300 entries in total), of which 14 were selected to be sculpted into real-life models. The best part is that the engineers and designers at Hyundai Motor Company worked closely with these gifted children to create drivable models. 

In the exhibition, impressive cars are displayed in 5 different sections: the harsh desert, the luscious forest, the open sky, the bustling city and the turbulent sea. Go see how the next generation of automobiles look like and how the buyers and users of cars of the future will interact with those creations.


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