Comic Café Hue

Things to do Nonhyeon-dong
만화카페 휴

A library fully packed with everything from the comic classic Slam Dunk, to popular webtoons like Misaeng and  Ikki, and the Marvel series (what great news to those lonely ones with passion for cartoons!). Advance warning about the lack of English reading, but hey, maybe it’d be a good way to study Korean? Think about yourself, reflect on life and all that existentialist goodness. Go before 2pm or after 8pm if you want to guarantee yourself a spot as Hue seems like the it place. FYI, the oh-so-comfy body pillows are around for your cuddling needs (and don’t complain when you don’t call). There is absolutely no shame in getting a little snooze here, as you only need to pay 13,000 won for a night with the pillow bae


Venue name: Comic Café Hue
Address: 520 Gangnamdaero
Opening hours: Open Daily 24
Transport: Subway Station Nonhyeon Station (Line 7), exit 2
Price: Pay in advance 2,500 won; pay at the exit 3,000 won; 13,000 won flat rate for overnight
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