Comic World

Things to do, Markets and fairs

Celebrate manhwa at this month’s Comic World! Comic artists will have designated booths signing and advertising while selling merchandize from pillows, mouse pads, illustration books and supplies, collectable holographic cards and so on. They may even have interactive photo-booths. Though, a huge part of this convention will be the dedicated Cos-players living out a character from their favorite comic, movie, or game. Don’t be surprised as these people will go all out on their costumes replicating the every detail. Girls dressed in elegantly black gothic robes, props from guitars, swords and feathered wings, guys suited up in armor with bright yellow contacts, and wigs in all different colors and shapes will be a common sight. Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of an all white alien with 4 eyes! And I’m pretty sure you’ll see a few Naruto’s. Not only will these fantastical characters pose for your pictures, some of them will be on stage performing comic acts or singing the official soundtrack. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t make it this month, Comic World happens almost seven times a year.

By: Chuljunsung


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